Aqsa – 180


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Al Aqsa Mosque Prayer Mat

A man’s prayer in his house is equal (in reward) to 1 prayer; his prayer in the mosque of the tribes is equal to 25 prayers; his prayer in the mosque in which Friday prayer is offered is equal to 500 prayers; his prayer in Aqsa Mosque is equal to 50,000 prayers; his prayer in my mosque is equal to 50,000 prayers; and his prayer in the Sacred Mosque is equal to 100,000 prayers.”  [ al-Haakim, 4/509]Anas Ibn Malik (ra) relates that the Prophet (saw) said.

The details of the product;

Thickness: 6mm

Material: Cotton and polypropylene yarn

Size Dimension: 110*70cm

Pile Points: 1.6 mil

Color: Olive Green

Fringe: Gold

Manufacturer: Mada Carpet Company

Country of Origin: Madinah, Saudi Arabia”

Weight 2.5 kg


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